COMING APRIL 12: Sunday afternoon classes @ 1 p.m.! Thursday class switching to a.m. at Mad Donna's!

1: @ 5000 Linbar Dr. suite 250 37211 (M/TH) &/or

2: @ MAD DONNA"S~ 1313 Woodland Street 37206 (Tues/Wed) For both locations, go to "contact us" page, hit "directions" on map for turn by turn directions.   Call 615.491.5880 when/if you get lost. NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED.

SCHEDULE is Monday & Thursday nights at 6 p.m. 1: Linbar Bus. Center (Come in through door marked American Contractors Exam.) 

&/OR 2:Tuesday & Wednesday days at 10:30 a.m.  at

Mad Donna's  14th STREET & Woodland.

(Come in through heavy wooden door on left front of bldg.) 

Monday and Thursday NIGHTS at 6 pm and Tuesday and Wednesday DAYS at 10:30 a.m.? Crazy, man! No Reservation needed.

The classes start ON TIME!  Traffic happens! 
PLAN AHEAD! You should really arrive fifteen minutes early so we can start on time-finish on time.  No foolin'--be a little early so we can all leave on time.  If you are late... you are S.O.L.

I am now at my same old-same old location, the Linbar Business Center (5000 Linbar Drive, Nashville TN 37211-I24-EXIT 56)  in Suite 250 (the center is on the left behind the Hooter's at I-24 and Harding Place) on Monday and Thursday NIGHTS at 6 p.m.  There is plenty of free parking right in front of suite 250. Come in through the AMERICAN CONTRACTORS EXAM door.

I am also  at Mad Donna's Restaurant (1313 Woodland Street Nashville TN 37206--EAST NASHVILLE)  TUES/WED at 10:30a.m. to 4p.m. Repeat: Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. in the loft at MAD DONNA'S @ the corner of Woodland Street and S. 14th Street!  Mad Donna's is across from  the Lipstick Lounge and parking is on the street--on Woodland.  It's just 3 blocks to the east from the Woodland Point of 5Points.  Very easy. Tell your friends, please! 

Funnyman's Daily ABC Classes

 Hi, my name is Mickey McConnell and this is the Daily ABC Class. I teach Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Classes, so servers, bartenders, and managers can get an ABC Card, aka a server permit, making it legal for them to serve alcohol in Tennessee. The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission says you must take a class in responsible alcohol service to serve booze in a licensed facility in the state. They do not say that the class has to be boring! If you are offended by PG or even R rated comedies, perhaps you should take someone else's class.  I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I want to entertain you for 5 hours.

I offer you the opportunity to take an ABC class which is upbeat, informative and oddly enough, fun! I promise to show up each day ready to rock and roll, ready to have a great time as we go through the required material to satisfy the state’s demands. 

If you show up ON TIME, with a positive attitude and sixty-five U.S. dollars cash money, you can take the class.  You may also use the paypal link on the sidebar to pre-pay. Print out and bring the paypal receipt if you don't have any cash.   I do not take personal checks 

If you would like me to pick up your card and mail it to you bring an extra $20 and 49 cents-or a stamp- and I will do so.  If you want to pick up your own card at the ABC office (click the link below for directions), you must take them a 20 dollar MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK--they will no longer accept cash.

If you are sick, please do not come until you are well--don't make the rest of the class is bad juju!

Life Happens! Check my calendar and call 615-491-5880 the day before or at 9:30 a.m.-ish on the T/W  or 4p.m.-ish M/TH  on the day you're attending to make sure the game is on. I've only missed five classes in nine years, but better safe than sorry.           

Sort of New Policy from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission:

BAD NEWS:  YIKES!  THE TABC HAS RAISED THE PRICES OF THE CLASS AND THE SERVER PERMIT CARDS!  As of  June 8 2010,  the cost of a server permit is $20.00 u.s.d and the cost of the class is $65.00 bucks.  Another big change is the TABC is now asking for a five day turnaround time for picking up your server permit--no more instant karma of picking up your card the next afternoon if you need it on the was fun while it lasted, but it is no longer acceptable to the powers that be.  Also the ABC will no longer accept cash for your ABC card--only cashiers checks or money orders for $20.About This >>

It would be a GREAT IDEA for you to call 615-741-1602 x 0 and be sure that the class has been entered into the computer BEFORE YOU DRIVE DOWNTOWN, to be sure that you are in the system.   You can pick your card up at the TABC office:THe Davy Crockett Tower: 500 James Robertson Pky,  3rd floor Nashville TN 37243  between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Try not to arrive at the office after 3:30 P.M.--you'll just upset the ladies of the state and that is a VERY BAD IDEA.   

If you don’t need your card immediately, you can mail your application to the  TABC at the address listed above (500 James Robertson...) with a twenty dollar cashiers check or money order made out to the TN. ABC, and they will send it to you, at their leisure,  to the address you put on your yellow form!                 

I strongly suggest that you take the application down to the ABC office rather than mailing it, because ....well, trust me...just because.

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Fun Facts!

Food significantly affects the absorption of alcohol from the stomach. Alcohol is absorbed much more rapidly from an empty stomach than from a full one. Food in the stomach slows absorption and also reduces gastric emptying time into the upper part of the intestine (duodenum), which is where alcohol is absorbed most rapidly. When alcohol stays in the stomach longer, it is also more vulnerable to being broken down by gastric alcohol dehydrogenase (GADH). (February 28, 2000)